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House Hunting Service

Find Your Next Home with AMazing Houses with this personalized service

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House Hunting Service: Welcome
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Get To Know all about this innovative service

House hunting service is an innovative service that I provide that is different and unique from all the agencies in
Portugal. This service is focus on the buyer interests and not on the sellers.
In Portugal the commission is paid to the agent by the seller and can go from 3-6%.
When you look for a house with an agency that has listed properties they will always focus on getting
the best deal to the seller.. even if they lead you to think otherwise.
With the house hunting service, I will be looking for houses in your name and focus on YOUR specific
needs. I try to negotiate the best price and will try to fulfill your wish list..
I’ll be like a dog looking for a bone and will not give up until I find you the best “bone” possible.

What are my expectations as your sole agent?
When you hire this type of service I expect to have EXclusivity! This means you will always contact me
first before checking a house, I’ll be your “middle woman”, your primary contact. You shall not contact
other agencies or owners directly, as a compromise.

Why can’t I contact other agencies?
When you contact an agency or an advert directly they will register you as their clients and this way I
don’t get to share the commission that is paid to the agency by the seller and then shared with me the
buyer’s agent..

What happens if I in the end don’t buy a property?
If you don’t buy a property in the end you will pay me a fee for my services that will cover the hours of
work, traveling, video calls, etc, this fee is 0,5% of the maximum budget you had for the purchase.

And what about if you find the perfect property but the owner or agency doesn’t want to pay a
commission fee because they are listing it for a lower price?

In this case, the buyer (you) will pay a commission that is similar to the one that I would receive if I
shared the commission with an agency, this means between 2-5% depending on the price and the value
of the house and the commission that is being paid to the other agency or the discount the owner is
making in comparison to the house market.

Will you give me and invoice for this amount?
Yes, I will provide an invoice for the percentage agreed plus the mandatory VAT in Portugal (23%).

Can I use this invoice for anything on the future?
Yes. This invoice of real estate services can be used towards the capital gains, in order to reduce them.
Imagine that you will pay 10.000€ in capital gains when you sell your property and you have an invoice
of 5.000€ for real estate services then in the end you will only have to pay 5.000€ as capital gain taxes,
to the government.
You can also use any expenses with maintenance works or renovations, to pay even fewer capital

Yes this is great, I told you that this service would benefit you, the buyer!!
You not only get this type of personalized service focus on you but a lot of advises as ways to reduce
taxes, lawyers’ recommendations, accountant recommendations, I will help you to get a fiscal number,
the best contacts in banks that will give the lower tax rate for a loan mortgage...
So many advantages...”

There is a house out there waiting for you with all your requirements and I'm going to find it!! 

House Hunting Service: About
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