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Common Questions

Do I need a real estate lawyer as well?

A lawyer is not mandatory some people prefer to have a lawyer to clarify some legal issues that they are not familiar with and to check all the paperwork.
I can provide a lawyer's contact of my trust or even help with answering any questions that you might have as I do have a lot of experience on this field.

How will you find potential buyers/renters for my property?

I work with foreigner and local agencies and investors. I also have a huge list of contacts that can help me with all the marketing process. I advertise in all the big national and international websites. I'm very active in social media, finding FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, great tools for advertising properties.

What percentage of the final home sale price do you charge?

The percentage I normally charge as commission fee is 5%. There are specific cases where this percentage can be negotiable. This percentage allows me to work with other agencies in partnership and share this percentage 50/50.

What can I do to reduce my capital gains when I sell a property?

There are several ways of reducing the capital gain tax in a property.
As you know capital gains are the difference between the price you bought and the price for which you are selling the property now. But between these two phases of your life you had several expenses that you can now deduct from the capital gains that are due to the government, as renovation and maintenance invoices, Taxes paid on the time of the purchase, real estate agents invoices and more.

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